Club Rules
  1. Every member aged 12 and over must be in possession of a current EA rod licence. Members will be required to show that rod licence and membership card when requested by a society Bailiff.
  2. All anglers under the age of 12 may fish for free if accompanied by a suitable adult over the age of 21 and fishing one rod on the same peg.
  3. All adult members have the right to ask another member to produce their membership card
  4. Fishing from dawn till dusk (6am to 7pm).
  5. Maximum of 2 rods allowed. No spodding
  6. No bait boats
  7. No pre-baiting, ground bait and loose feed. To be kept to no more than 1kg. All unused ground bait is to be removed. It is not to be discarded into the water or bankside.
  8. Barblesl hooks only.
  9. Any angler fishing for carp, irrespective of size must be in possession of a minimum 36 inch landing net and an adequate unhooking mat. No carp irrespective of size to be kept in a keepnet.
  10. Fishing from designated pegs only. Only ONE angler per peg. Members are responsible for any litter on and in the vacinity of there peg. Footpatchs must be kept clear at all times.
  11. No floating baits, live baits or uncooked nut or seed baits. Peanuts as hookbaits or ground bait are banned.
  12. All fish to be returned to the water.
  13. No dogs, fires, barbecues, guns or litter allowed
  14. No member should attempt to fish while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  15. No unauthorized matches are allowed.
  16. The society reserves the right to close the lake for an unspecified period of time.
  17. No wading unless fish welfare may be at risk.
  18. No Boilies to be used on the club water
  19. Braided line cannot be used under any circumstances